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Non-woven fabrics-Lutradur,Tyvek & more



Evolon is a new non-woven from the manufacturer of Lutradur. With a lovely suede-like feel, it is also available as Evolon Soft, which has been washed for extra softness. Evolon is a unique microfilament fabric combining excellent textile and mechanical properties. Although it is a nonwoven, it looks and feels very much like a traditional woven material. It is ideal for artists and designers, and just like Lutradur you can sew it, cut it, glue it, embroider it, distress it*, paint and dye it.

The soft texture of Evolon is achieved using polyester polymers together with a percentage of polyamide (nylon) included. Due to the microfilament structure, and the polymer mix, means that Evolon is extremely soft in texture, and has very good drape characteristics. Furthermore because of the polymer mix, Evolon can be dyed using a range of different dyeing processes, such as acid dyes for example, providing superb colour definition. Evolon is a unique, soft but extremely durable nowoven material that can even be washed at fairly high temperature. You can transfer print or inkjet print directly onto Evolon. If you are using a heatgun or soldering iron work in a well ventilated area or wear a respirator mask.

Picture Code Name Size Price Add to Basket
Evolon 1 metre length EV100 Evolon 1 metre length 100cm wide £6.90 metre m
Evolon 50cm length EV50 Evolon 50cm length 100cm wide £3.75
Evolon Soft 1 metre length EVS100 Evolon Soft 1 metre length 100cm wide £6.90 metre m
Evolon Soft 50cm length EVS50 Evolon Soft 50cm length 100cm wide £3.75
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