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Vegan & Sustainability Statement

Jacquard have confirmed that all of their products are vegan (with no animal products) except for Cochineal which is made from insects, and Dorland's Wax which contains beeswax.

We have recently started stocking Ahimsa/Peace Silk, where silkworms are allowed to naturally emerge from the silk cocoon. This leads to much shorter lengths of silk as they eat their way out, and as it takes much longer the price of the silk is much higher. We stock Eri silk fibres, fabrics and silk scarves.  As the fibres are much shorter you do not get the long filaments as you do with Mulberry silk, so the silks may not be suitable for all silk painting techniques.

We have been asked to supply silk scarves without plastic wrapping. Unwrapped silk scarves are easily damaged, creased or marked, and also could be miscounted as they are difficult to separate. They could be damaged by water during transport, and also insect damage in storage. We are open to suggestions as we have given this problem much thought. We supply fabrics by the metre in sturdy polythene bags which can be reused, although scarf/tie packaging is likely to be single use as this is supplied by the manufacturer. We are currently comparing different methods of packaging, but these may lead to increased shipping costs.

We will be adding to this section as we receive more information from suppliers.

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