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Removing Colour/Discharging

Removing Colour/Discharging - Jacquard deColourant Paste 950ml

Jacquard deColourant Paste 950ml deColourant is a ready-to-use printing paste for removing areas of colour from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Unlike bleach, deColourant removes colour without harming the fibre.

Apply with a brush, stamp, sponge, applicator, stencil or screen print. Allow to dry, then iron on highest setting suited for the fabric type. For extra colour removal iron with steam. A heat gun may also be used, especially if the print is still damp. After colour removal, wash fabric with Synthrapol or a mild detergent to return to natural softness.

Notes: - When removing dye from fabric, the resulting colour may not always be white. -Some dyes are more susceptible to colour removal than others. -Test samples are recommended prior to production runs. -Make sure to read caution instructions on the bottle


JACCHM2330A Jacquard deColourant Paste 950ml £29.99
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