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Waterbased Gutta - Jacquard Resistad Water-based Gutta

Jacquard Resistad Water-based Gutta Resistad's unique chemistry offers all the advantages of both permanent and removable resists plus more, without any of the disadvantages. This is what has made it one of the most favoured resists of silk painters all over the world.

These are some of the advantages of Resistad over other resists:

Concentrated for maximum control. Resistad is offered by Jacquard in a "Medium Viscosity" formulation that should be thinned with water or liquid dye to the desired consistency for the method of application. The recommended ratio for hand pipetting is 1:1 Resistad to water/concentrated dye, but the ratio may be adjusted to taste.

Resistad is easily coloured. Mix the resist with dye instead of water to create crisp coloured lines instead of white ones.

Resistad resists better than any other water-based resist. This means you can achieve better detail in your work and can be much freer with the way you apply liquid colour. If it is heat set, it becomes so resistant to water that you can even brush color over it.

It is excellent for printing applications such as screen printing, block printing, stamping and sponging.

Resistad washes out of the silk quickly & easily and does not change the feel, drape or luster of the fabric. Utensils can be easily cleaned with water, and there are n0o noxious fumes.

Developed by John Mitchell of Procolour in New Zealand, the formula was acquired and further improved upon by Jacquard Products in 2017.

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JAC2870 Jacquard Resistad Water-based Gutta £39.95
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