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Field Guide to Everyday Magic (twice yearly) - Field Guide to Everyday Magic issue 12

Field Guide to Everyday Magic issue 12 Field Guide to Everyday Magic is filled entirely with the worksheet-style prompts, captivating photographs, and inspirational quotes that Bella Grace magazine has come to be known for. This interactive workbook provides journaling space that’s designed for readers to respond directly on its pages and its compact size allows you to easily slip it into your bag or purse to be taken with you.

Sample Prompts Inside Issue 12 Include:

Imagine your life is a book. What’s the title of the chapter you’re currently on?

Our mornings often set the stage for how the rest of our day will go. What’s one thing you can do each morning to ensure you’re starting your day on a good note?

On days when it’s too cold or stormy to go outside, it can be nice to get cozy inside your home and stare out a window at the world around you. Wrap yourself in a snuggly blanket, grab a cup of tea, and look out a window. What do you see?

As we grow older and get busier, life can feel a little dull or mundane at times. When is the last time you truly felt excited about something? What made you feel this way?

MAGFGEM12 Field Guide to Everyday Magic issue 12 £17.99
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