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Eri or Peace Silk

Eri or Peace Silks Fibres and Fabrics - Eri Muga Silk tops/roving (Ashima/Peace silk) 50g

Eri Muga Silk tops/roving (Ashima/Peace silk) 50g Eri Muga Silk roving is made from Eri B Grade cocoons (70%) and Muga Waste cocoons (30%). Eri silk is cream, and Muga silk is a natural shade. the fibres are blended together to create a light golden colour. After the cocoons are degummed separately a machine is used to blend the fibres into a uniform consistent mixture.

It is from Meghalaya, a state located in Northeast India. Eri silk is also known as ahimsa or Peace silk. The cocoons are reared in village houses and the silkmoth is allowed to naturally emerge from the cocoon. Muga silk was known traditionally as the silk of royalty and is not a Peace silk.


RSMUGA50 Eri Muga Silk tops/roving (Ashima/Peace silk) 50g £11.25
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