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Devore Technique - Colourcraft Devore Paste 50g OUT OF STOCK

Colourcraft Devore Paste 50g OUT OF STOCK Ready-to-use paste for use on silk/viscose mix velvet and other natural/synthetic blends.

Devore is a technique where patterns are chemically cut away on fabrics which are made up of a blend of cellulose and either protein or synthetic fibres. It gives excellant results on velvet where the backing is silk and the pile is viscose.

When applied to the reverse of the fabric, the devore removes the pile after heating, leaving the backing intact. This produces cutaway effects which can be dyed, painted, printed etc. Devore can be double-dyed using Procion(dyes the pile) and Acid dyes (dyes the backing) to give a two-colour effect.

Use a bath of soda ash (approx 2g to 1 litre water) to neutralise the chemicals after the devore process.


COLDP Colourcraft Devore Paste 50g OUT OF STOCK £7.03
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