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Cyanotype/Blueprinting and Sunprinting

Blueprinting/Cyanotype/Sunprinting - PAR DIY Cyanotype Kit - Fabric NEW

PAR DIY Cyanotype Kit - Fabric NEW Create blueprints on fabric using a photographic process discovered in 1842. No darkroom needed, just this kit and some sun rays!

With the components in this kit you can make fabric sensitive to UV light. Where the sun hits the treated fabric, a dark blue colour is created, also known as Prussian blue. This way you can make blue and white prints on textiles at home.

For example, you can print a photo on a sheet, draw on a sheet or collect objects and then place them on the treated textile. Expose to sunlight and you will see it discolour! With this kit you can mix and apply the photo chemicals yourself, enough for the fabric in the kit and some of your own. So you can make enough mix to experiment further yourself.

Instructions in the kit are in Dutch, English, French and German.

Kit contents

– Step-by-step instructions and tips&tricks, specially tailored for working on textiles

– 2 x 250ml bottles of photo chemicals, ready to mix

– 1 linen bag 38x42cm

– 1 cotton decorative cushion cover with zip 40x40cm

– 2 cotton napkins 40x40cm

– pieces of fabric of the three types of textile above to practice with

– gloves

– 5 transparent sheets, suitable for an inkjet printer

– measuring cylinder 100ml

– 1 roller tray & roller

– black and transparent paper as an aid

– stirrer

Suitable for ages 12 plus with adult supervision.

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