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If you buy gutta in bottles, you will need to decant some into a pipette, and use with a nib. If the pipette is not supplied with a hole, cut the very end off the pipette (remove the lid first). Then take the fine wire out of the nib, and attach the nib to the top of the pipette, either by screwing it on, or fix with masking tape or Sellotape if there is no thread inside the nib. The wire is used to clean out the nib. Always replace the lid if you are leaving the gutta for a while. Nibs are not normally used with Javana or Pebeo tubes, but if you wish to use one it will need to be fixed on with masking tape. Iron-fix paints - water-based guttas are generally used. The clear gutta will wash out after fixing if required. Coloured gutta will remain after fixing. Steam-fix dyes - you can use water-based or solvent-based guttas. If using coloured water-based gutta it can help to iron-fix it first before you paint, to give extra protection against the dyes bleeding - alternatively iron-fix it before steaming to stop it sticking to the steaming paper. Clear solvent-based gutta will need to be removed by dry-cleaning or with White Spirit. Coloured solvent-based guttas will remain after fixing.

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